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Newsletter Autumn 2015

Activity Groups

These groups are self funding and are run and organised by the group members and normally meet in each others homes.If you would like to join an activity group please click on the icon for contact details. Some groups may be operating at maximum numbers so ask the group leader to place you on a waiting list, or, you could consider starting an extra group yourself by using the waiting lists to contact potential members. If you have an interest that is not represented perhaps you might like to consider starting a group please contact our Groups Liaison officers Patricia Burnett 01334 838620 or Joyce Henry Davies 01337 870307.

Click on the icon below to access the group home page.


   Lunch/Social Group                  Local History                Outdoor Activity              Sketching Group    




          Scrabble                                Indoor Sport                  Jazz Appreciation                   Music




French Language Group             Craft Group                         Mahjong                   Solo's Lunch Group



   Art History                                    Genealogy                    Teach Yourself Computers              Philosophy  



     French Scrabble                     Spanish/Italian                         Economics                          Book Club


            Dance                               Film/Theatre                     



Possible New Groups

Making Mosaic, Wine group, Singing, Storytelling,Film, Non Fiction Book Swop, Transcendental meditation,

Social golf and Beginners Spanish.

If anyone is interested in following these up or forming a group please contact our Groups Liaison Officers above.